Cases and Results

What differentiates the Law Office of Richard S. Berne from other attorneys in Maine is our emphasis upon advocacy in the early stages of any criminal investigation. This approach, based upon Mr. Berne’s experience as a federal prosecutor and decades as a white collar crime defense attorney, has often resulted in non-prosecution agreements and otherwise successful outcomes, without charges being filed.

Client was not charged after a several year major federal white collar fraud investigation of an international business venture by the US Attorney’s Offices in Connecticut and Maine.

His partner in the business venture was indicted, tied and sentenced to several years incarceration. Similarly we achieved a deferred prosecution agreement and ultimately dismissal of all charges in a[K]

Client in a multi defendant several thousand plant marijuana case received 6 months as opposed to the other defendants who received in excess of 10 years imprisonment.

We were able to persuade federal prosecutors in Vermont to dismiss the indictment against our client in a multi-state federal drug conspiracy where the other defendants received multi-year prison terms.[K]

In cases involving non-citizens we have negotiated dispositions that permit the clients to avoid deportation even in serious drug cases which is difficult under the present draconian immigration climate that exists today.