Understanding Grand Larceny Charges in Portland, Maine

Those accused of grand larceny in Portland, Maine are likely confused and concerned. You have multiple options when charged with a crime, which include negotiating a plea agreement or¬†contesting the[°K]

Sexting Legislative Update: What a Criminal Lawyer in Portland, Maine Thinks You Should Know

Sexting: (noun) the act of sending sexually explicit images by cell phone texts or other electronic means. Sexting is a relatively new phenomenon primarily among teens and tweens. Many states[°K]

Sentencing in Maine criminal drug charges

In Maine,¬†sentencing¬†for drug charges¬†depends on the type of drug (Schedule W, X, Y, or Z), the amount possessed, and the activity involved (e.g., trafficking, manufacturing, etc.). Other factors, like criminal[°K]

Navigating the Criminal Court Process and Procedure

Unless you¬†know someone or you’ve¬†been through the criminal process yourself, you may find yourself lost. This is understandable, given the¬†multiple hearing dates, notices, and foreign terminology. This article seeks to[°K]

What to Know About Federal Drug Trafficking Charges in Portland, Maine

There are a few laws to be aware of when it comes to federal drug trafficking charges in Portland, Maine. In fact, you might not realize that you do not[°K]

Portland Maine Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is a¬†unique kind of property theft defined by the conditions of access and trust. While the majority of embezzlement cases are for big money, Maine law defines it as[°K]

Portland Maine Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Maine is one of the most conflicted states to have successfully legalized marijuana and its policies on recreational use reflect this. There have been arguments, recounts, and the final successful¬†referendum¬†was¬†passed[°K]

Permanently Losing Your License: What are the minimum sentences for a Maine Habitual Offender Revocation?

If the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) sent you a notice that you are now deemed a Maine Habitual Offender, what does that mean? What happens if you continue[°K]

What Counts as Illegal Search & Seizure for Drug Cases in Portland, Maine?

No matter how adamantly the police pursue evidence to close drug cases, the laws of search and seizure apply to everyone universally, including people who are accused of drug-related crimes.[°K]

Conspiracy Criminal Defense Lawyer Services in Portland, Maine

A conspiracy is criminal charge involving a plot between two or more people to commit crime at a future date, or achieving a legal outcome in an illegal fashion. For[°K]