Permanently Losing Your License: What are the minimum sentences for a Maine Habitual Offender Revocation?

If the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) sent you a notice that you are now deemed a Maine Habitual Offender, what does that mean? What happens if you continue[°K]

What Counts as Illegal Search & Seizure for Drug Cases in Portland, Maine?

No matter how adamantly the police pursue evidence to close drug cases, the laws of search and seizure apply to everyone universally, including people who are accused of drug-related crimes.[°K]

Conspiracy Criminal Defense Lawyer Services in Portland, Maine

A conspiracy is criminal charge involving a plot between two or more people to commit crime at a future date, or achieving a legal outcome in an illegal fashion. For[°K]

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Maine

If you’re thinking about the¬†penalties for drug trafficking in Maine, then you’ll want to make sure you know these three things: How does Maine define drug trafficking? ¬†Generally, the term[°K]

Maine Habitual Offender Status

5 Things Everyone Should Know about Maine Habitual Offender Status Maine has tough driving laws which can subject drivers to heavy fines if they violate the rules. You may already[°K]

Small Town America and Illegal Drugs

Despite legislation and media attention directed toward the scourge of drug abuse and dependence, it continues to be a national problem. In the past, serious drug use was largely a[°K]

Prevent Becoming a Victim of Computer Crimes

  Cyberattacks and computer crimes are on the rise and, as technology advances, so too does the ability of diverse groups or individuals to victimize you. Although there is no[°K]

Five Facts about Heroin in Maine

There is a stigma attached to heroin use and users are often perceived as undesirables. Facts show that, although heroin use is a serious problem in Maine, many users were[°K]

White Collar Crime: Bankruptcy Fraud

What is white collar crime? White collar crime refers to non-violent criminal activities that are committed for financial gain and include bribery, fraud, and embezzlement. ¬†Bankruptcy fraud Bankruptcy is the[°K]

White Collar Crime: Credit Card Fraud

What is white collar crime? White collar crimes are typically non-violent crimes that are motivated by financial gain. These crimes include bribery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, and similar offenses with a[°K]