Assault Laws in the State of Maine

The common law crime of assault is defined as causing a reasonably prudent person to apprehend the imminent occurrence of a harmful or offensive touch. Traditionally, there did not need[°K]

Types of Drug Crimes In Portland, Maine

There are many different types of drug crimes under Maine¬†and federal law.¬† Depending on the seriousness of¬†the charge,¬† an individual¬† may be¬†prosecuted¬†by the¬†state or by the federal¬†government. ¬†Typically if you[°K]

Types of White Collar Crimes in Maine

When people hear about white collar crimes, they think of crimes committed by¬†wealthy people who are hoping to unlawfully line their pockets. Most people think about embezzlement and tax evasion,¬†but[°K]

What to Look for in a Robbery Lawyer in Portland, Maine

People are confronted with¬†various¬†life-changing events¬†on a daily basis, such as¬†a cancer diagnosis, suffering devastating injury¬†in a car accident or the like or¬†suffering from¬†the¬†loss of a loved one. These¬†tragedies¬†dramatically alter¬†our perspective,[°K]

Why Defendants Need a Good Tax Evasion Lawyer in Portland, Maine

If you were in Jared Kushner’s shoes right now, you might find yourself suddenly in need of a good white-collar criminal defense¬†lawyer. I say this because Forbes and other sources[°K]

Why You Should Choose a Portland Defense Lawyer With Care

When considering a defense lawyer in Portland, Maine, remember that the¬†lawyer¬†you hire will be representing you both in and out of court and that you will be relying on him[°K]

What You Need to Know About Maine’s Habitual Offender Revocation

Imagine receiving¬†a few speeding tickets, but never having your license revoked. Then one day you receive one more and lose your license for 3 years. If you have had multiple[°K]

Why You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer If Charged With Fraud In Maine

The State of Maine has an array of laws that criminalize fraudulent conduct, such as credit card fraud and¬†bank fraud. Although these may be the most common fraud-related crimes that[°K]

Understanding Grand Larceny Charges in Portland, Maine

Those accused of grand larceny in Portland, Maine are likely confused and concerned. You have multiple options when charged with a crime, which include negotiating a plea agreement or¬†contesting the[°K]

Sexting Legislative Update: What a Criminal Lawyer in Portland, Maine Thinks You Should Know

Sexting: (noun) the act of sending sexually explicit images by cell phone texts or other electronic means. Sexting is a relatively new phenomenon primarily among teens and tweens. Many states[°K]