What are the Consequences for Maine Drugged Driving?

What is Drugged Driving? Officially known as an OUI or Operating Under the Influence, drugged driving is the specific term used for cases where it is alleged a person operated[°K]

Child Pornography Laws in Maine

In Maine child pornography is strictly prohibited¬†a person¬†found guilty of such conduct¬†will be subject to severe penalties. In addition, perpetrators will generally be required to be registered as sex offenders[°K]

Assault Laws in the State of Maine

The common law crime of assault is defined as causing a reasonably prudent person to apprehend the imminent occurrence of a harmful or offensive touch. Traditionally, there did not need[°K]

Types of Drug Crimes In Portland, Maine

There are many different types of drug crimes under Maine¬†and federal law.¬† Depending on the seriousness of¬†the charge,¬† an individual¬† may be¬†prosecuted¬†by the¬†state or by the federal¬†government. ¬†Typically if you[°K]

Types of White Collar Crimes in Maine

When people hear about white collar crimes, they think of crimes committed by¬†wealthy people who are hoping to unlawfully line their pockets. Most people think about embezzlement and tax evasion,¬†but[°K]

What to Look for in a Robbery Lawyer in Portland, Maine

People are confronted with¬†various¬†life-changing events¬†on a daily basis, such as¬†a cancer diagnosis, suffering devastating injury¬†in a car accident or the like or¬†suffering from¬†the¬†loss of a loved one. These¬†tragedies¬†dramatically alter¬†our perspective,[°K]

Why Defendants Need a Good Tax Evasion Lawyer in Portland, Maine

If you were in Jared Kushner’s shoes right now, you might find yourself suddenly in need of a good white-collar criminal defense¬†lawyer. I say this because Forbes and other sources[°K]

Why You Should Choose a Portland Defense Lawyer With Care

When considering a defense lawyer in Portland, Maine, remember that the¬†lawyer¬†you hire will be representing you both in and out of court and that you will be relying on him[°K]

What You Need to Know About Maine’s Habitual Offender Revocation

Imagine receiving¬†a few speeding tickets, but never having your license revoked. Then one day you receive one more and lose your license for 3 years. If you have had multiple[°K]

Why You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer If Charged With Fraud In Maine

The State of Maine has an array of laws that criminalize fraudulent conduct, such as credit card fraud and¬†bank fraud. Although these may be the most common fraud-related crimes that[°K]